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Cataract refers to an opacity of the crystalline lens. Cataracts can decrease vision in a number of different ways.  Cataracts can cause glare, block portions of the visual field or dim vision by reducing the intensity of the light that reaches the retina.


Most cataracts generally occur with avancing age, although some people never develop signficant cataracts.  Trauma and some medications and systemic diseases can also cause cataracts.

Not all cataracts require surgery - for the most part, only those that interfere with vision need to be removed. 


Cataract surgery has undergone a revolution over the past few decades. What once was a lengthy and traumatic procedure that required hospitalization now is a straightforward outpatient procedure that results in extremely rapid recovery and restoration of sight.


Today virtually all patients receive intraocular lens (IOL) implants which replace the cloudy damaged lens with a crystal clear artificial lens.  Standard IOLs are monofocal - providing sharp distance vision and typically requiring reading glasses for close work.  However, newer developments in intraocular lens designs include premium multifocal IOLs that can restore vision at both distance and near.  


Our office works closely with the finest cataract surgeons in the Phoenix area and when necessary, we can refer patients coming from other areas to leading surgeons througout the United States.  Modern cataract surgery is among the most impressive surgeries performed today and can be life changing.

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