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Refractive Surgery Complications

For most patients LASIK surgery is nothing short of miraculous.  For an unfortunate few, LASIK surgery has served as a one way portal into a nightmare; one that they can't escape.  For some patients every day joys like watching a child blow out birthday candles can be a painful reminder of their loss.


While refractive surgery has advanced tremendously since its beginnings and is considered safe and effective, complications still can occur. Some estimates for complications range from less than 1% to 5% of all patients, however careful patient screening and surgeon selection can reduce risk.  While we focus on preventing refractive surgery complications among our own patients, an important part of our practice is aiding patients who have undergone unsuccessful refractive surgery.  With access to new technologies for dry eye management and the newest and most advanced contact lens designs, we are dedicated to your recovery and rehabilitation.


We have extensive training and experience. Dr. Epstein served as Center Director for TLC, Garden City, NY and also as the Medical Director of Surgical Eyes Foundation, a patient driven organization for individuals who have suffered poor outcomes. He has also authored two chapters in the text, LASIK - Clinical Comanagement. 

Keys to Preventing Complications


 Careful patient selection after comprehensive workup

 Unbiased presentation of all risks and benefits

 Preoperative optimization of the ocular surface
 Proper preparation and patient management
 Appropriate selection of surgeon and choice of laser


Complications of Refractive Surgery


 Loss of best corrected vision
 Scarring and inflammation
 Night vision disturbance
 Glare and light sensitivity
 Binocular vision disturbance
 Focusing and reading problems
 Severe and disabling dry eye
 Persistent pain


Management of Refractive Surgery Complications


 Aggressive dry eye management
 Specially designed lenses for visual rehabilitation
 Access to state of the art surgical repair procedures
 Expert witness services


Links for More Information About Refractive Surgery and its Complications

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