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Retinal Disorders

The Retina Inside the Back of the Eye.

The retina is a complex tissue consisting of several layers that coverts the light and images around us into the electrical signals that are interpreted by the brain as vision. 


The retina is also an extremely delicate tissue that fills much of the inside portion of the globe.  It can be damaged through trauma, intense light such as staring at the sun for prolonged periods, and like much of the rest of our bodies, can be hamred by infection, systemic disease and a number of diseases that affect only the retina.  Some retinal problems can be urgent. These include retinal detachment, retinal trauma, hemorrhage and foreign objects that penetrate the globe. 


Keeler Vantage Plus Ophthalmoscope

The retina can be examined using a variety of instruments including several state of the art devices that can image retinal details.  A routine dilated retinal examination is an important part of a comprehensive eye examination. This examination can detect the majority of retinal disorders including macular degeneration, numerous retinal diseases and systemic disorders like diabetes and hypertension.  The optic nerve is also examined during this exam to evaluate optic nerve disorders and glaucoma.


Dr. Steinhäuser and Dr. Epstein have extensive training in detecting retinal disease and a close referral relationship with the finest retinal surgeons in Phoenix when referral for tertiary care is needed. 

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