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Choosing the right eye doctor should take more thought than just leafing through the list of nearby providers on your insurance plan. The reason why is straighforward. There is no such thing as a routine eye exam. You may only want new eyeglasses or updated contact lenses, but sometimes a comprehensive eye exam can make the difference between sight and blindness and, in rare cases, even life and death. The office you choose and the doctor you see is one of the most important choices you can make in healthcare.


Understand that the eye offers a unique window into the health of your entire body. A skilled examiner using state of the art instruments becomes a critical part of the health care team.  Hypertension, diabetes, diseases like MS, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis can be discovered through an eye exam.  Even brain tumors are can be diagnosed during an otherwise routine eye exam.


Eye diseases can be extremely deceptive. Glaucoma often remains completely silent and unnoticed while the blinding disorder robs you of your sight.  Modern technology allows us to diagnose diseases like glaucoma much earlier than previously, but only if your doctor has and uses the technology.  For example, we use quick, painless and inexpensive iVue® optical coherence tomography as an early detection screening device for glaucoma that might otherwise remain undiscovered for years.  Flashes and floaters may herald the beginning of a sight threatening retinal detachment, but potentially serious retinal problems can often be identified well before any symptoms start during a routine examination.


A comprehensive eye exam takes time and requires experience.  We take the time and we have the experience. Togetehr, Drs. Steinhäuser and Epstein have more than 50 years of clinical eyecare experience. They use the latest technology and were both trained in leading university programs and residencies.  The doctors and staff of Phoenix Eye Care are recognized for their expertise and their caring approach to patient care. 


Choosing the right eye doctor is an important decision.  We welcome an opportunity to make you feel like you made the right choice.



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